What’s Next, for me?

August 9, 2019

Well, I have completed my Entry in the My rode reel 2019 contest. My entry can be found here: 

Now that my entry is complete an I am waiting for the winner announcements.  I am sure I won't be but entering it was still fun.  I have begun writing a script for my next video/short film. I am currently still hashing out the concept.  However, I think I am going to write a blog series about the creation of it as I make progress with it.  

I think I will cover as much as I can from working on the script, to pre and post production.  I am using the following currently:

Evernote to keep track of the themes and elements of the story.  

 Writer Duet to write the outline and the script.

Evernote is great for me because I can sync it from anywhere.  Even if I cannot access my account I can just email in notes to it.  This is awesome for me and my writing processes.

Writer Duet is an online script writing software that is mostly free.  It is very functional and usable as a free software but there is a paid version that has some really cool features.  However, these are nothing I need right now and likely nothing a beginning writer would need. 

I am currently just writing down ideas, once I get a little bit more for an outline I will make another post about it here.

My First Video Contest!

August 8, 2019
It is official.  I have entered my first video contest.
My Rode Reel 2019
For those of you that don’t know what this contest is, it is one of the largest video contests in the world. 
You have to create a video 1-3 minutes long & a 1-3 minute behind the science video to accompany it.
I had a blast doing this and learned a whole lot a long the way.  I created both of these videos complete SOLO!
I know crazy right! Well, I am a beginner and as such have a limited pool of people that will help with these projects.
Plus I don’t know if I’m ready for a team of professionals 🙂 …. yet.
I have learned a ton from this experience.  I am considering starting a blog series that runs though how I made these.
That will be a separate post for a different day.
I would really appreciate any comments or support you have for these videos.
You can check out the video and vote for it here https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch/entry/7466
You can also find the Behind the Scenes video there as well.
So what is my video about?  Well, it’s about Youtube and then new Youtuber culture.  Even though, I am new to the world of video production as well as photography, I have seen a huge and sad irony.
I feel people are drawn to Youtube and other platforms because they want to create and have that art seen by others.  For that, Youtube is fantastic.  However, many people want to earn a living with it and that is fine, but they also like the freedom of “working for their-self.” In order to earn that living many people turn to gaming the algorithm.
The algorithim is there for Youtube’s benefit, rewarding consistent and high volume of posts.  This means to game the system people make 1, 2, sometimes more than 3 videos a day to be rewarded by the algorithm and have more people see it. These artists that want to be free, end up working for Youtube though the algorithm.
As you can probably tell, I am no professional writer or director, or anything video/film related. Thank you for reading and watching.  I hope you continue to follow me and this blog to see what kind of progress I can make.

My Introduction

August 6, 2019
I just wanted to introduce myself and this site to you really quick. 
Okay I have no idea how fast you are going to read it so, the really quick part is up to you.
Just about 2 years ago I was asked to help with a video production for a friend’s Youtube show.  I helped setup and record the audio for him.  I immediately knew I wanted to do this more and learn more about it.  Not the audio part, but everything with video production.
I have now created some small videos by my self and have realized a little bit  better where I would like to focus my energy.  I now know, I am no audio professional.  I do like cinimatography and photography.  I like running the camera, and directing.  However, I probably like editing the video together as well as special effects the best. 
It is hard for me to narrow down as I really do like directing, cinematography, special effects, and editing.  I am going to continue working of videos and learning more.  As I do I expect  I will focus more on what I like and find my niche.  I think it is likely, I will focus on editing and special effects, both practical and CG.
I hope you continue to read this blog.  In the future I will start to put out tutorials and information as I learn it. 
Good luck and See you Later!