What’s Next, for me?

August 9, 2019

Well, I have completed my Entry in the My rode reel 2019 contest. My entry can be found here: 

Now that my entry is complete an I am waiting for the winner announcements.  I am sure I won't be but entering it was still fun.  I have begun writing a script for my next video/short film. I am currently still hashing out the concept.  However, I think I am going to write a blog series about the creation of it as I make progress with it.  

I think I will cover as much as I can from working on the script, to pre and post production.  I am using the following currently:

Evernote to keep track of the themes and elements of the story.  

 Writer Duet to write the outline and the script.

Evernote is great for me because I can sync it from anywhere.  Even if I cannot access my account I can just email in notes to it.  This is awesome for me and my writing processes.

Writer Duet is an online script writing software that is mostly free.  It is very functional and usable as a free software but there is a paid version that has some really cool features.  However, these are nothing I need right now and likely nothing a beginning writer would need. 

I am currently just writing down ideas, once I get a little bit more for an outline I will make another post about it here.

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