My Introduction

August 6, 2019
I just wanted to introduce myself and this site to you really quick. 
Okay I have no idea how fast you are going to read it so, the really quick part is up to you.
Just about 2 years ago I was asked to help with a video production for a friend’s Youtube show.  I helped setup and record the audio for him.  I immediately knew I wanted to do this more and learn more about it.  Not the audio part, but everything with video production.
I have now created some small videos by my self and have realized a little bit  better where I would like to focus my energy.  I now know, I am no audio professional.  I do like cinimatography and photography.  I like running the camera, and directing.  However, I probably like editing the video together as well as special effects the best. 
It is hard for me to narrow down as I really do like directing, cinematography, special effects, and editing.  I am going to continue working of videos and learning more.  As I do I expect  I will focus more on what I like and find my niche.  I think it is likely, I will focus on editing and special effects, both practical and CG.
I hope you continue to read this blog.  In the future I will start to put out tutorials and information as I learn it. 
Good luck and See you Later!

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